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Northern Inter-Counties Under 15 and Under 17 Track and Field Championship


U 15 Girls

U 15 Boys

U 17 Women

U 17 Men

The Northern Inter-Counties Track and Field Championship will be held at the Costello Stadium at Hull on Sunday 7th August.A bus will be departing from The Phantom Winger 398 Garstang Road, Preston PR3 5JE  (next to the M55/M6 junction at Broughton, Preston) at 7:15 am.

The teams selected are-

Girls Team:

Jasmine Jolly, Jasmine Carey, Kate Jenkinson, Aalin Cain, Phoebe Coates, Lydia Morris, Charlotte Williams, Emma Vickers, Lauren Lewis, Alex Baker, Charlotte Daley, Ava Louise Mcguckian, Emma Guilfoyle, Meghan Pilley, Hannah Cookson, Ella Moulding, Alisha Ibitoye, Amber Smith, Ashleigh Lachenicht, Meghan Pilley, Katie Shingler, Charlotte Daley, Chloe Norman, Keisha Hewison, Abbie Melvin, Taylor Holland, Chloe Norman, Ava Louise Mcguckian, Niamh Rowley

Boys Team:

Kyle Martin, Michael Fisher, Aaron Baird, Kegohan Taylor, Callum Sherry, James Stanley, Sam Gaskell, Alex Bernstein, Samuel Mercer, James Margrave, Nathan Dunn, Niall Higham, Joe Lonsdale, Stephen Teare, Jack Dee-Ingham, Rhys Owen, Leon Stubbs, George Skidmore, Jacob Roberts, George Skidmore, Adrian Barbu, James Margrave, Glen Quayle, Joseph Duffy